Postville-inspired artwork on display in CFL Oct. 23-Dec. 6

Oct. 6, 2009

“Postville: Games, Apparitions and Mementos,” a two-person exhibit focusing on the people affected by the immigration raid on Postville, Iowa, will be on display Oct. 23-Dec. 6 in the Center for Faith and Life.

The exhibit includes felted images by Lana Suomala and drawings by Craig Ede. The exhibit is open to the public with no charge for admission.

Suomala’s felted images titled “Postville Loteria” is based on the popular game of chance often referred to as Mexican Bingo. The 36 images are inspired by the lives and stories of immigrants, especially those involved in the Postville Raid. The images are divided into four categories, each with nine images: “Children of Poverty,” “The Journey,” “The Raid” and “Connections.”

“Postville Loteria” is a visual arts series that has been converted into the game itself. It is meant to be viewed as well as played, allowing the viewer to interact with the art. The game consists of 36 image cards and several game boards arranged randomly in a pattern of 3 x 3. It is played much like the game of Bingo. A caller calls out the name of the image—often followed by a riddle or a rhyme—and the players mark that piece on their board with a bean or bottle cap. The first player to make the predetermined pattern calls out “Loteria!” and wins the game.

Ede’s works are of people affected by the Postville raid. Through their lives and such artifacts these people leave a footprint of their time contributing to the life of the city of Postville and the state of Iowa. Ede attempts to catch the specific character of each person at that difficult moment in their lives.

Suomala is a secondary Spanish teacher at Frazee High School in Frazee, Minn. She performs volunteer work for organizations including Heritage Hjemkomst Scandinavian Festival, Regional High School Visual Arts Festival, Plains Art Museum, Lutheran Social Services Refugee Resettlement Program and YWCA Women’s Shelter.

Suomala holds the bachelor of arts degree in Spanish, bachelor of science degree in secondary education and is working on the master of liberal arts degree with an emphasis in Hispanic studies from Minnesota State University, Moorehead Campus.

Ede info holds the bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Minnesota and the master of fine arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Ede has been a visual design consultant since 1984. His skills as a visual communications expert are used to make processes and procedures more effective and efficient. His contracts often involve training sessions with engineers and other professionals. For more information about Ede, visit

Postville drawing, Craig Ede
Lana Suomala feltwork