Erin Ellefsen

Luther College junior Ellefsen selected to complete summer research on mathematical models for vaccinations

When a large enough portion of a community becomes vaccinated and eliminates the risk of a disease outbreak, that community gains herd immunity. Erin Ellefsen, Luther College junior from Indianapolis, Indiana, has been selected to do collaborative research over the summer to formulate a mathematical model to understand what proportion of individuals in a community need to be vaccinated in order to gain herd immunity. Her research focuses on how the particular structure of the community affects the proportion of immune individuals required.

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Patrick Larson

Luther College junior Larson selected to complete summer research

When students find the college that best suits their needs, they weigh the different factors of each college to ensure they choose the right "fit" for them. Patrick Larson, Luther College junior of Decorah, Iowa, has been selected to complete research on what factors lead to making the crucial decision on which college to attend.

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Laura Boran

Luther College senior Boran selected to begin summer research on new bioplastics

Out of the 80 billion pounds of plastic made per year in the United States, 75 percent will end up in waste streams after little to no use. Laura Boran, Luther College senior of Brainerd, Minnesota, is researching new ways to help alleviate this global issue. This summer she is attempting to create a new bioplastic, an alternative to petroleum-based plastic.

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McKenzie Jones

Luther College senior Jones selected to complete summer research on sensory integration therapy

One in 20 children suffers from sensory integration disorder, a condition that causes sensory signals to be improperly organized. Children affected by this disorder may suffer from a variety of symptoms, including eating problems, low dexterity and social anxiety. McKenzie Jones, Luther senior from Grand Forks, North Dakota, is collecting data on the viability of a treatment to help remedy this disorder.

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Tanya Gertz

Luther College's Tanya Gertz selected to participate in Association of Performing Arts Presenters' Leadership Fellows Program

Luther College is pleased to announce that Tanya Gertz, Luther director of Campus Programming, has been selected as one of 25 participants in the first class of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters' Leadership Fellows Program, presented in partnership with the University of Southern California Arts Leadership Program. Participants were selected from a variety of arts organizations and colleges from across the United States and Malaysia.

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