Luther College reduces move out waste by 40 percent

Move out week at Luther College has historically been the week in which Luther sends the most waste to the landfill of any week throughout the year. Students worked more than 400 hours over the course of nine days to assist with move out waste diversion by educating their peers about recycling and donation processes.

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Joshua Jackson teaser

Luther senior Jackson selected to participate in National Science Foundation-funded elementary particle physics research

Quarks are among the smallest things that science has discovered, shown experimentally to be about a million billion times smaller than a grain of sand. Joshua Jackson, Luther College senior of East Dubuque, Illinois, is researching the physics of quarks and the forces which bind them together into composite objects for his summer research project at the college.

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Rebecca Buse

Luther junior Buse selected to research abortion laws

Latin America possesses some of the world's most restrictive abortion laws and also some of the highest maternal mortality rates. Rebecca Buse, Luther College junior of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is researching the possible connections between these two phenomena for her summer student-faculty collaborative research project at the college.

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Emma Deihl teaser

Luther senior Deihl selected to research how religion is related to individuals' decision-making and behavior

As various forms of religion exist throughout the world and have existed for thousands of years, research is attempting to understand the psychology behind why so many humans turn to religion and how religion impacts societies. Emma Deihl, Luther College senior of New Prague, Minnesota, is researching attachment to God, moral foundations, self-control and self-regulation for her summer research project at the college.

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