Luther Summer Programs

Summer 2017 Off-Campus Courses

New Summer Session courses, similar to Luther's very popular J-Term courses, are as follows:

  • Biology 139: Fish! (Canada)- INSTRUCTORS: Mark Eichinger (Biology); Jeff Boeke (Health and Physical Education)
  • Health 139: Food and Fitness: A Comparative Study (Iceland)- INSTRUCTORS: Chandra Jennings (Wellness Program); Gwen Van Gerpen (Student Academic Support Center)
  • Music 139: The Reformation and the Music of J.S. Bach (Germany/ Switzerland)- INSTRUCTORS: Jennaya Robinson (Music); James Griesheimer (Music, emeritus)
  • Paideia 450: Medicine, Madness and Malady in British History (England)- INSTRUCTORS: Jayme Nelson (Nursing); Jacqueline Wilkie (History)
  • Paideia 450: Practicing Embodiment (Hawaii)- INSTRUCTORS: Jane Hawley (Visual & Performing Arts); Guy Nave (Religion)

Luther Summer Nottingham Program and the International Music Festival of the Adriatic are programs that run every year. Click the links below the picture to learn more about these programs.