Nottingham (England) Year

Program sponsor: Luther College, hosted by the University of Nottingham

Enrollment: 12

Program Dates: September - June

The Nottingham Year is based on community: students live together in a flat leased by the college and have the opportunity to be involved in a community service project of their choosing. A Luther faculty director lives in a leased house near the student flat and serves as the resident director for the year. The faculty director coordinates/teaches four courses throughout the year which all students take. One of these courses includes significant group travel throughout the United Kingdom and perhaps Ireland. Students also take coursework at the University of Nottingham.

Eligibility: Juniors (sophomores at time of application); 3.0 minimum GPA

Program fee: Luther comprehensive fee plus airfare (fee covers tuition, fees, room, and board except during university vacations)

Students should refer to the Financial Aid Office for information on financial aid eligibility. Students who receive Pell Grants as a portion of their financial aid package are also eligible to apply for a Gilman Scholarship.

Application Deadline: November 1

Read about one student's experience in the program:

Branna's Blog

  • Back with my best friends just being silly and having some local Whippy Dip (Julie Goulette, Jill Harstad, Branna Elenz, Emily Crowe)

    Branna's Back

    What is it like to be back on Luther College campus after being abroad for a year? Equally strange and comforting. I know that sounds like a weird combination but I’m feeling pretty weird about it all so I guess it’s the best combination.

  • Logo for the Volunteer Awards Ceremony at University of Nottingham, England.

    Outstanding? Well I guess you can call me that!

    That's what they call me, an 'outstanding volunteer,' and now I have a shiny glass award to prove it! I don't necessarily need any reassurance of the awesome things I do at the Pearson Centre, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't nice to get a little recognition!

  • Typical study break for Branna. An Oreo with milk in an Instagram picture.

    As the end nears....

    As the end nears  each day moves forward it is harder for me to comprehend  that in just over a month I will be State side again! The mix of emotions I have running around in my system are uncontrollable. However, there are certain parts of this process that seem to feel familiar….

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