Florence & London (Spring Semester)

ACM London & Florence: Arts in Context

Spring semester, 15-week option (early February to May) or 18-week option (early January to May)

Program sponsor: Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM)

Enrollment: Maximum of 20-25 students at each site

Eligibility: Sophomores, juniors, & seniors. 

Application deadline: March 15 (internal Luther application process must be completed by March 1)

The ACM London & Florence: Arts in Context program offers students a singular opportunity to live and study in two of the world’s most important and exciting cultural capitals.  This interdisciplinary program focuses on the arts that have made these two cities central to the heritage of the West: the visual arts, on the one hand, in architecture, painting, sculpture; and the literary arts, on the other, in theatre and literature.  Students will live and study in two urban environments that have continued to fascinate visitors and scholars alike for their ongoing vitality over many centuries.  While they learn about the past and how each city came to foster such extraordinary creativity in the arts, students will become temporary residents of a living, thriving urban environment.  Students will see how each city works, day to day, even while they investigate how each city has functioned in the past as an artistic center.  By traveling its cityscape, patronizing its theatres, visiting its museums, its public spaces and marketplaces, students will develop a sense of the ongoing vitality of both London and Florence.  Each city will become for students a living laboratory, a text to be read and understood. 

Students enrolled in the 18-week option start the semester with a 3-week program of intensive Italian language instruction in January.  They remain in Florence for an additional 7 weeks (10 weeks, in total).  After a one-week break, they move to London for 7 weeks. Students enrolled in the 15-week option choose to start in either London or Florence in late January.  They spend 7 weeks in the first location, have a one-week break, then spend 7 weeks in the second location.  While in Florence, they take the standard Italian language class, but not the additional intensive class.

ACM: London & Florence