Chicago: Arts, Entrepreneurship, & Urban Studies (Fall; Spring)

ACM Chicago Program: Arts, Entrepreneurship, & Urban Studies

Fall semester (early September to mid-December) & Spring semester (early February to mid-May)

Program sponsor: Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM)

Eligibility: Sophomores, juniors, & seniors

Application deadline: March 15 (internal Luther application process must be completed by March 1)

The ACM Chicago Program engages students academically, professionally, and personally with this dynamic city.  The primary areas of emphasis in the program are Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Urban Studies – students have the opportunity to explore one of these topics in depth, or participate in classwork and projects across these disciplines.  The program offers an innovative mix of academic work, including an internship, independent study project, common core course about the city of Chicago, and a variety of seminars focused on the arts and creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and urban studies and social justice.  Students are able to explore the vital issues facing cities and the people who live and work in them, while digging deeper to relate these issues to their personal lives, education, and career aspirations.

ACM Chicago Program