The English major at Luther College explores the world through works that open the mind and heart, engages in complex analysis and critical thinking, and seeks beauty and eloquence in writing and speech. English majors study the range of human experience in works of English literature from its medieval beginnings to the present, in literary traditions from around the world, and in a range of genres from poetry and drama to novels, film, and creative non-fiction.

Students choose one of three tracks in the major: literature, writing, or teacher education. Enrollments in English courses are kept small to allow professors and students to get to know each other in conversation and to allow professors to pay close attention to the development of students’ critical thinking and writing.

Typical careers for English majors at Luther are in writing, editing, marketing, public relations, journalism, teaching, law, librarianship, arts administration, non-profit work, and ministry.

English at Luther College is a major that is both challenging and fun, and that develops the student in the highly valuable and transferable skills of close reading, critical thinking, and writing.

The English faculty at Luther College are among the best in student interaction. They are not only well-learned; they are also engaging and considerate. Being an English major has taught me how to think critically as well as improve my reading and writing skills, but most of all, it has taught me that work and fun often can—and should—be the same thing.

—Sarah Rickertsen ‘16

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