Fireworks over the football field - Homecoming 2011

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Class of 2009 Fall Letter

Fall 2011

To My Fellow Norse, Far and Near:

I hope this letter finds you all happy, healthy, and full of the holiday spirit! I recently made a trip to Decorah, to spend the weekend visiting friends and enjoying all that our home away from home has to offer. I was surprised to find that many things have changed in Decorah: there are new stores and restaurants downtown; most of the students we attended Luther with have graduated and left; and plans for a new aquatic center are well underway.  Yet, despite the transformations experienced at Decorah and Luther, there is one thing that always remains unchanged at Luther: that feeling I get the moment I step onto campus. It is the same feeling I had when I visited Luther as a prospective student, the same feeling I had when I entered my Brandt dorm room for the first time, the same feeling I had every year I returned from Thanksgiving vacation for the all-day Christmas at Luther rehearsal, and the same feeling I had as I walked across the stage to receive my diploma with all of you at graduation.  As the holiday season continues on both in Decorah and elsewhere, I can’t help but smile as I

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