Class of 1999 Spring 2015 Letter

Spring 2015

Dear Friends,

Happy spring! I know many of us are still digging through the snow, still putting on layers and layers and layers and layers of clothing, and still wishing the sun felt warmer. We know gentler days are coming, but still we wait. I am not a winter person, which makes it surprising that some of my favorite Luther memories are from the winter months. One of my favorite memories is the long, windy walk from the dormitory to the cafeteria for dinner. I was always with friends. We were bundled up with our arms linked to create a shield for one another against the cold. We didn’t talk—the earmuffs and hats and scarves were in the way—but we kept good company. It is surprising to me how often I think of that walk—the image it conjures means a great deal to me. It speaks to the deep friendships we found at Luther, the fortitude we found together as classmates, and the persistence we encouraged in one another.

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