Class of 1998 Spring 2014 Letter

Spring 2014

Dear Class of '98,

Throughout everyone’s Facebook feed I have seen people “breaking up” with winter. I went along my merry way thinking that the snow and cold in the Midwest just serves to keep out the riff-raff for the beautiful spring and summer months, but this last bout of snow and cold has finally broken me. I give. I long for the green of the grass and the warming temperatures. Some of my best Luther memories come from our senior year before the hectic pace of finals started but after spring showed itself. Those first days when it was warm enough that everyone came out of the dorms to bask in the sunlight and “study” outside. Spring is a time where everything starts fresh again, the grass comes up, the flowers start to bloom, and even if your baseball team was dismal last year, the spring is a new year where they just might make it to the series.

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