Class of 1996 Fall Letter

Fall 2013

I was able to visit Luther on the second weekend of October.  I have been honored to sing with the Luther College Balalaika Orchestra for several years now as an alumna.  As a group, we raise money for the Bruce Wrightsman Scholarship and for a soup kitchen in Moscow.  For me it's a very real connection to this place that I love so well. This time I was lucky enough to have my roommates from my years at Luther with me.  More than ever before, since graduation, I felt the strange pull of the time machine calling me back to 1993, perhaps 1996.  For very silly reasons we had put on glow stick necklaces for our evening campus walkabout, and we were approached by a small band of students who boisterously inquired where we got them.  The true answer – from the back of the car in a box – didn’t seem to be fancy enough, so I simply offered my blue green circlet to one of them.  He shook my hand and told me, “You cannot imagine how happy you’ve made me.”  Dramatic, yes, but certainly I got enough joy from that tiny moment to make it well worth my time.

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