Class of 1992 Spring 2014 Letter

Spring 2014

Dear Classmates:

You may have already heard the exciting news that Dr. Paula J. Carlson has been elected as the 10th president of Luther College.  I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Carlson in late February, when she and her husband, the Reverend Dr. Thomas Schattauer, visited campus.  While my time with her was brief, I found her to be very intelligent, articulate, engaging, excited about the opportunities ahead, and comfortable in her new role.  My colleagues who were involved in the interview process are most pleased with her appointment, and a few colleagues, who have known her for many years, have nothing but positive things to say about our new president.  In short, we are very thankful for the interim leadership Dr. Tiede has provided this year and are looking forward to an exciting future under Dr. Carlson’s leadership!

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