Luther College Aquatic Center

Class of 1989 Fall Letter

Fall 2013

Greetings, Luther Classmate,

Were you contacted by a Phonathon caller? If they somehow missed you, please use the web link to send in your donation to the Annual Fund! Fortunately for me, a very kind student called me one evening. It’s most convenient for me to enjoy the conversation and simply make my annual donation right at that time. Quite trusting of me, I’d say, … but remember, this is a Luther student calling me and I believe that the Honor Code would apply in the Phonathon setting, too. This year, someone who loves Luther is matching the increase in giving. Of course I increased my giving so Luther could benefit more. It’s kind of like shopping, or appetizers, or whatever … 2 for 1! What a deal for Luther - even $1 is worth more than $1.

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