Class of 1983 Spring 2014 Letter

Spring 2014

Dear Classmate:

Happy spring! They call this the spring class letter, however, as I write this I find it difficult to think about spring. Here in Iowa, we are in the midst of what I would call the worst winter on record. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy snow and winter activities, but this “polar vortex” has got to go. The winds are howling; the snow is blowing; and I am remembering those cold winds blowing up the Oneota Valley on a winter day. Do you remember those walks to the Union from Miller, Dieseth, and Ylvisaker? You would be walking down the sidewalk protected by trees to the Union, and all of a sudden you would hit that spot where the wind would blow so hard it would take your breath away. This is definitely one of those winters! I feel for all those Luther students walking in the cold to class, meals, the Regents Center, or the library. If you reside in a warmer climate, just take a moment to remember that cold, windy walk to the Union. Then you can go back to enjoying the warmth.

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