Barbara Noe Koch '78

Class of 1978 Fall 2014 Letter

Fall 2014

Dear Classmates,

Julie Dahlen and I are taking turns writing the class letter. I drew the short straw for fall 2014, so here goes.

Although I wasn’t able to attend Homecoming this year, I was able to go to a mid-October alumni gathering in Coralville, Iowa. Attending with me was Deb Leschensky Murrell ’79, history major. How we became connected is a scenario that perhaps has played out numerous times in your lives after Luther. Last year, a new couple moved into our neighborhood in Cedar Rapids – Karl ’06 and Sarah (Murrell) Swenson ’07. We first met the Swensons when we walked our dogs. No doubt, one of us (not the canines!) was wearing a Luther t-shirt. As our dogs sniffed, we chatted, and the LC connection was made. Sarah noted her mom’s (Deb) alumna status, and her parents would be relocating to Cedar Rapids from Marshfield, Wis. Although I did not know Deb, her name certainly “rang a bell.” Such is the advantage of attending a small residential college.

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