Class of 1974 Spring 2015 Letter

Spring 2015

Greetings, Class of ’74,

From Julie: Recently, I have reminisced about my January Terms at Luther. What a wonderful opportunity! I can remember vividly my four J-terms as I bet you can, too. I learned Spanish with much of the day in a language lab in Main my freshman year, as we had to stay on campus. I wonder if freshmen today can venture out in the world during J-term? My sophomore year Martha Preus and I studied French at Laval University in Quebec, with snow along the streets as high as two-story houses; fortunately underground tunnels connected all the buildings. My junior year I travelled around Italy, Greece, and Germany in an old VW bus with some Luther alumni, before starting a semester in France; my senior year I travelled to Washington, D.C., with a group of students led by Musa to learn more about American politics. This January 2015 term, a group of students with two professors studied Muslim minority communities in Europe, arriving one day before the extremist attack in Paris. What a learning experience and timely opportunity to discuss freedom of expression as well as Muslim communities for these students and faculty!

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