Campus in bloom

Spring 2010 Class Agent Letter

Greetings, Class of 1973,

As the winter weather seems to be breaking here in the Midwest (above 40 here today!) and as the Winter Olympics closed out last evening, I thought it high time I finish up our spring class letter so that we can get it out to all of you. 

Over the years I have gotten to be an Olympic junkie.  Unfortunately we have reached the age where our peers are only competing in curling and I don’t think even curling will take us anymore. Still, I love the best of humanity and competition that is the Olympics. As much as I would liked to have seen the US team on the winners’ podium in men’s hockey, I could not think of a better ending to these Olympics than having 16,000 Canadians singing their national anthem with tears streaming down their face as their flag was being raised in celebration of their hockey team’s sensational win. I will be in Winter Olympic withdrawal for several days now.  

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