Dr. Paula J. Carlson, Luther's 10th president

Class of 1968 Fall 2014 Letter

Fall 2014

Dear Class of ’68,

Well, my day started out on a good note. I was up early, had breakfast and coffee, did the crossword in the paper, and settled in to write my fall newsletter to you. But first, a couple of quick emails that needed to be sent. When, all of a sudden, no Internet connection! After trying the usual tricks that I know, unplug anything with a plug and plug it back in, and make sure that all of the right cords are tightly plugged into all of the right places, I called our Internet provider. Then, after doing everything that the robo-response told me to do, I got a human, and when she had determined that my router wasn’t working, I made a quick trip to Best Buy for a new one.  The sales associate assured me that installing the new gizmo was a no-brainer, so I confidently began the process, carefully following all of the techno-directions that came in the package.

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