Class of 1964 Spring 2015 Letter

Spring 2015

Greetings, 1964 Luther College Classmates,

Linda and I feel a little guilty writing this “spring” class agent letter in the winter from warm and sunny Surprise, Ariz.,…our new home since moving from Badgerland last July! Believe me when I say we weren’t so sure the day we moved in…as it was a mind boggling 119° and we wondered if we’d lost our minds! Yet, when we learned that there are more than 600 LC alumni here in the Phoenix Valley…if we’re crazy…we’re not alone! My guilty twinge comes from the knowledge that as I am writing this letter many of you upper Midwest recipients are digging out from another dose of the powdery white stuff. Having lived in snow country more than half my life…there’s something deep within…that chides…an acknowledgement…that somehow we’ve cheated…so in view of the LC academic honor code, which was implemented while we were upperclass students there, calls forth from us…I freely admit we’ve fudged and found a way to permanently avoid the winter weather that helped make us hardy and determined folks. Now, lest you readers be tempted to pass judgment…I will point out that Messer’s residence is a nice place to visit and warm up this time of year…and we’ve already had classmates as guests…Joe and Emily Bodensteiner were here for the Super Bowl…on their way back to Rhinelander from a month in Palm Springs, along with Wynn and Linda Berven and Dick and Pat Edwards…and we’re expecting Tom and Maddy Lawrence any day now, as we are hoping to rendezvous here in the Valley of the Sun with Bruce and Jean Anderson…word has it that there is going to even be an appearance from the ‘mysteriously long missing in action’ classmate Larry Staffon!

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