John Helgeland

Class of 1962 Fall 2015 Letter

Fall 2015

Greetings to the Class of ’62,

Last May when I got around to retiring, I started out to read the books I should have read long ago. The first one was a gem: Daniel Boorstin’s The Image. He went from the University of Chicago to become the librarian of Congress. I know you too will enjoy it. The subtitle tells a lot about it: A Guide to Pseudo-events in America. It includes some memorable quotations such as “a celebrity is one who is famous for being well-known.” So anyone can be a celebrity if one can find the right press agent. Hollywood and places like it are full of these celebrities who seem so real, so vibrant, and so original. Also there is an anti-industry intended to expose these people, to show they are “emporers without clothes.” One cannot read a book like this and not have one’s BS detector set on high.

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