1960 Class Agent Karen Julesberg

Class of 1960 Fall 2015 Letter

Fall 2015

Dear Classmates,

Homecoming was splendid…connecting with friends and Luther professors/staff; enjoying the many special events, chapel and church services, and the magnificent music; taking in the beauty of Luther and Decorah; and celebrating an overtime win by the football team! The best time, though, was all the visiting with our classmates, which included everyone talking to everyone, even classmates we may not have known well in college. We had a wonderful turnout and wish more of you could have joined us. When we shared our Luther memories and experiences, I was reminded again of the fun we had and the variety of our experiences which helped to shape who we became and the valuable ways we've contributed to each of our worlds. As we recalled our Luther days of square gaming, required chapel attendance, and 10:00 p.m. curfews, it is obvious changes have happened. At the same time, the essence of Luther is still as strong as ever. One of our classmates who hadn’t been to a reunion for 25 years shared the following thought in a note after the reunion. Although it was clearly evident to him that the campus is stunning and impressive, he was even more pleased that Luther has remained true to its original purposes. I think we would all agree.

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