The 2013 Homecoming parade makes its way down Water Street

Class of 1947 Fall Letter

Fall 2013

Dear Friends/Classmates,

Sincerest greetings and good wishes to you all.

First of all, the sad news: Donna Gutteboe Hanke of Mankato, Minn., died February 19, 2013, at the age of 89.

I have just returned from Homecoming, and it was great, as usual. I drove alone from home and wondered how many times more I would feel I can do that. It takes a lot of energy and I can’t do everything there I would like. It is sad, too, to remember my dad died suddenly of a heart attack the Sunday night after a terrific weekend of family and friends there to celebrate with mom and him in their brand new home on Iowa Ave. It had been a great Homecoming! Not many I know can come anymore.

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