1943 Class Agent David Preus

Class of 1943 Fall 2015 Letter

Fall 2015

Dear Classmates,

We did not make it to Homecoming this year, so I have no first-hand account of that weekend of events.  If I can get the computer to do it, I will attach the information from Luther with highlights from Homecoming.  Incidentally, one of the things I like about the computer is that it does not talk back. I blame it for many kinds of omissions and errors even when I know it is my incapacity that causes the problem. It does not seem that I should be blamed, however, so I take the easy way out and blame the computer. You may not get more than these couple of paragraphs, so just blame the computer. On second thought, I think I’ll let Luther staff be so kind as to attach the information they prepared.

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