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Importance of Networking

A common saying continues to become more real as students are ending their college careers and beginning to look for full employment. “It’s not what you know, it’s about who you know”.  Networking can distinguish you from other candidates in an interview. According to The Career Key “65 to 80% of all jobs are found through networking”.

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Job Interview

What to Wear for an Interview

Your first impression is the most important one. Within the first 10 seconds, the first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing. The most important thing you bring to an interview is confidence. What you wear and how you wear it helps convey that. If you aren’t comfortable that will come across in an interview.

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A mentor offers advice as well as encouragement to help a person reach their goals.

Mentoring in the Workplace

Within every company there are people who are looked up to and revered for their success, work ethic, and personality.  It is people like this who you should look for when trying to find a mentor for your career, and the type of person you want to become.

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Volunteer Hands

Building Your Resume by Volunteering

Have you been looking for a way to build your resume? Volunteer experience is a great asset to your resume.  Along with the groups around campus, Decorah has many opportunities for you to volunteer around town!

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Four Year Development Guide

“The Career Center is just for seniors.”  I’d like to take a moment and dispel this myth and help you to see that there are steps all students at Luther can take that will assist them in “life after Luther.” To help you, here is a Four Year Development Guide that can help give you a general idea of what steps to take throughout your time here at Luther.

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Social Media

The social workplace: Are you prepared?

Sometimes as students we take technology for granted because we do not remember a time where it was not continually improving to satisfy our needs. Social media has paralleled technology in today’s society. Are you prepared for an increasing amount of social media in the workplace?

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Do you view you work as a job, career, or calling?

The Best Career for You

There are times we may find ourselves in jobs where we don't feel fulfilled or that we are living up to our full potential.  There are tools, though, to help you find the best career to fit your desires, and some great advice to help make that career a reality for you.


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How to Research Companies for Interviews

When you are looking for a job or preparing for an interview it is nice to know something about your potential employer.  Today we will be looking at the information you want to look for when searching and the best ways to get it.

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Dahl Centennial Union, Luther College

Classes that will make you a better job candidate

With registration just around the corner, it is helpful to know that there are courses out there that will make you more employable. Consider a Compositions course, Public Speaking, Computer Science, Finance or Accounting, Economics, or International Studies. Taking these courses may separate you from other candidates within your major.

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