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  • Dr. Michael Osterholm '75


    Dr. Michael Osterholm '75

    Greenwood, Minnesota

    As a Luther student in the 1970s, Mike Osterholm was an adventurous sort, scuba diving in the underwater caves of Northeast Iowa. Mike and his friends plunged under cliffs and sumps, and swam through murky tunnels to emerge in caverns filled with stalactites and stalagmites. “Some of those spots were so tight,” he says, “you’d breathe in and get stuck, then breathe out and push yourself forward.”

  • Dr. David Poetker '93


    Dr. David Poetker '93

    Wauwatosa, Wis.

    As a member of the Norse swim team from 1989 to 1993 David Poetker set school records in the 500-yard freestyle, the 1,000-yard freestyle and the 1,650-yard freestyle. He was honored as a member Luther’s Athletic Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility 10 years after graduation… But it is Dr. Poetker's notable work in medical science since graduating with majors in biology and Spanish that has placed him in the spotlight. 

  • Dr. Josh White '97


    Dr. Josh White '97

    Randolph, Vermont

    Dr. Josh White’s work in Haiti dates back to 2005 while he was a medical resident in Springfield, Massachusetts, and he received a call from University of Iowa medical school pal, Chris Buresh. “Calls from Chris always result in something interesting,” says Josh, “from ice climbing in Washington, to scaling desert cliffs in Nevada, to running 125K races through the Canadian Rockies.” But this time Chris asked Josh to help staff a mobile medical clinic for the Children’s Nutrition Program in Haiti.

  • Jeremiah Mostrom ‘03


    Jeremiah Mostrom '03

    President, Simply Organic ®

    Take one part family legacy, add another part sound preparation and throw in some unique circumstances, and you can get some pretty amazing results. This can be seen in the journey of Jeremiah Mostrom ’03.

  • Dr. Elizabeth A. Grice '01


    Dr. Elizabeth A. Grice '01

    Bethesda, Maryland

    Luther's Young Alumni Award winner for 2011 came to Luther from English Valleys High School in rural southeast Iowa. Her amazing career in research began the summer after her first year in the Valders laboratory of her Luther mentor, professor of biology, Marian Kaehler.

  • Eric Melear '95


    Eric Melear '95

    Vienna, Austria

    For several summers, Conductor Eric Melear ’95 led productions for the GRAMMY-nominated Wolf Trap Opera Company in Vienna, Virginia, one of the nation’s most highly regarded opera residency programs.

  • Eric Bunge '84


    Eric Bunge '84

    Lanesboro, Minnesota

    Eric Bunge ’84 will tell you that he has chosen a life path rather than a career—a life path of service to others. The name of the professional theatre he founded in 1989 aptly bears the name “Commonweal” (for the common good; for the good of the community), and stands as a monument to Eric’s creativity and his ability to move an entire community in a fresh new direction.

  • Sarah Tofte '99


    Sarah Tofte '99

    New York City 

    Now and then rare individuals come along who challenge the status quo and relentlessly pursue truth and justice. They are so deeply committed to their cause that they are—at the same time—convincing. Sarah Tofte '99 is one of these individuals.

  • Eric Cutler '99


    Eric Cutler '99

    Adel, Iowa

    Eric Cutler’s amazing career started as inauspiciously as any talented high school tenor and is punctuated by a series of what could be described as “Luther College connections.” 

  • George Kun Jr. '01


    George Kun, Jr. '01

    Washington, D.C.

    That George Kun is even alive today is something of a miracle. He is a citizen of Liberia, a country unique among African nations, due to its roots as a colony formed in 1822 by freed slaves and a government grounded in democracy.

  • Milt Kramer '59


    Milt Kramer '59

    Manchester, Iowa

    Milt Kramer has had a distinguished life and career as a visionary, facilitative, inspiring teacher/leader who invites everyone to take a leadership role in their own education and life.

  • Kim Wall '79


    Kim Wall '79

    St. Francis, Wis.

    The journey of an entrepreneur requires persistence, creativity, and passion.

  • Jeanette (Bialas) '74 and Jonathan Strandjord '74


    Jeanette (Bialas) '74 and Jonathan Strandjord '74

    Williams Bay, Wis.

    Partners. Jeanette Bialas and Jonathan Strandjord began their partnership at Luther College in the early 1970s. Jonathan, a fourth generation Luther student, had come to Decorah from Astoria, Oregon; Jeanette had come from Elroy, Wisconsin, the first in her family to go to college.

  • David Senjem '64


    David Senjem '64

    Rochester, Minn.

    Luther College broadcasts far and wide that—among other things—“it helps students connect life's work with service."  Minnesota State Senator David Senjem ’64 could be the “poster boy” for that claim. 

  • Joel Mjolsness '74


    Joel Mjolsness '74

    San Jose, Calif.

    Joel Mjolsness has to be the only graduate of Luther College who sang for Weston Noble, wrestled for Paul Solberg, and acted for Bob Larson.  

  • Gail Bolson-Magnuson '84


    Gail Bolson-Magnuson '84

    Decorah, Iowa

    Gail Bolson-Magnuson owns, manages, and shapes a distinctive shop in downtown Decorah that is a pulsing example of an aesthetic gathering place.

  • Amy (Parker) Fiebelkorn '97


    Amy (Parker) Fiebelkorn '97

    Atlanta, Ga.

    A year out of college, Amy Parker was working as a nurse and paying bills, but experiences she had during a J-term trip to Nepal her sophomore year kept crossing her mind. She took a leap of faith and began saving half of each paycheck for a 182-day service trip around the world.

  • Susan Schneider '90


    Susan Schneider '90

    Plymouth, Minn.

    When you meet Susan Schneider in person, it really doesn’t take long to realize that she is a person who cares deeply about her family, her company, and her employees and she doesn’t mind talking about her own struggles as she navigates her busy life. 

  • Judge Donovan Frank '73


    Judge Donovan Frank '73

    Mahtomedi, Minn.

    Judge Donovan Frank was just an average student at his Spring Valley, Minn., high school in 1969, and back then average meant college wasn’t necessarily in the picture.