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Before Fall Break

Since I didn't have any official midterms, I spent the week enjoying the time I would have used studying.

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The new pool!

September: The Start of the Semester

In some ways, it's really hard to believe that it's not even October yet. I've done so many things in the past 29 days that I've been on campus that it seems like it's been almost an entire semester. Here are a few of the many things I've done over the past month!

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Back at Luther

It's a little strange how comforting this little blogging window is to me. I know exactly what to do here, and watching my letters fill up the page is unexpectedly therapeutic. Something about the boxes and links are familiar, expected, and just right.

As weird as that might sound, I've been having a lot of these experiences since returning to Luther this fall.

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Things to Bring to College

Finals are all about putting your knowledge to the test. Here, I show what I've learned about living the dorm life at Luther by offering suggestions of what to bring (and what not to bring) if you'll be joining us next year!

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Getting Things Figured Out

This past week has been all about getting things squared away for next year. I registered for classes, picked out my dorm room, and received some exciting news about January. Between that and massive amounts of end of the semester homework, I made dessert with some friends!

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A springtime walk after the snow had melted

The Year in Pictures

I've never been someone who takes a lot of pictures, which I have always thought was kind of a weird thing about me, considering most girls my age have thousands of Facebook photos and hundreds of pictures on their phone. However, I've noticed the number of images I have saved on my phone is now more than double what I had at the start of the school year - come take a look at some of them!

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Next year's classes? Cross your fingers that I get in!

The Planning Phase

It's the time of year when everyone seems to be in planning mode: seniors are planning out their lives after Luther, and everyone else is preparing for the upcoming year. Classes for fall semester need to be picked out, new housing locations determined, J-term trips need to be applied for, and most excitingly, summer plans need to be made!

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The End of Fit & Well + A Choir Concert

For my Fit & Well class, we had to make seven goals for ourselves related to all seven areas of wellness. My goal for my intellectual wellbeing is to attend more lectures/concerts/etc. simply for the sake of learning - not for a grade. Yesterday I did just that and attended the Collegiate Choir Homecoming Concert!

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