Luther junior Robert Muller interns at the Caesarea Ancient Harbor Excavation Project

October 25, 2018

On the coast of Israel in a city rooted in history, Luther College junior Robert Muller worked as a junior staff member with the Caesarea Ancient Harbor Excavation Project.

Muller, son of Kim and Eric Muller of Urbandale, Iowa, graduated from Urbandale High School in 2016. He plans to graduate from Luther in 2020 with majors in religion and Biblical languages.

As he partook in educational opportunities, Muller participated first-hand in a major archaeological excavation. He dug and sifted through the remains of Caesarea Maritima while he used radar mapping and analyzed pottery.

Muller experienced a new aspect of his studies that extended beyond a typical classroom setting. Muller recounts about his time with the project, “Through the excavation, I learned how to work hard-sometimes pick-axing up to eight hours a day-for something I am passionate about. The joy of discovering an ancient piece of work from a different time and different culture that gives us a look into peoples different than our own is like nothing I have experienced before.”

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