Luther College Pastor Rev. Anne Edison-Albright elected bishop of the East Central Synod of Wisconsin

September 29, 2020

Luther College Pastor and Director of College Ministries, Rev. Anne Edison-Albright has been elected bishop of the East Central Synod of Wisconsin. Before coming to Luther in 2016 to serve as college pastor, Edison-Albright was a pastor to an ELCA congregation in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. This election calls her back to that same region, this time as bishop to the 122 ELCA congregations and other ministries of the synod.

            "Luther College rejoices with Pastor Anne Edison-Albright as she moves full circle back to the region of her first call in ministry," said Luther College President Jenifer K. Ward. "While we will miss her warmth, creativity and wise counsel among us, we know that her new ELCA community will be well and faithfully served by this compassionate leader. We will start the process of determining next steps for College Ministries at Luther very soon, but first we will pause to celebrate this important milestone for Pastor Annie."

            During her time at Luther, Edison-Albright worked to create new and unique pathways for worship, faith-building and community building on and off campus. Most recently, that includes the ongoing collaborative ministry between Luther and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church through Vicar Kathryn Thompson.   

            "I'm so grateful for all that we've been learning and exploring together: about collaboration across different worldviews and disciplines, about equipping courageous and purposeful leaders, about being deeply grounded and just as deeply curious and open," said Edison-Albright. "This work at Luther College and ministry has formed me as a leader, and is already central to who I am becoming as a bishop. When I think about leaving Luther at this point in our ministry together, I feel sadness and loss, but also a deep and abiding sense of call, joy and hope. I thank God for all of you, for the ministry we've done together, and for the ministry ahead for Luther College."

            Interim Bishop of the Northeastern Iowa Synod-ELCA Andrea DeGroot-Nesdahl and Luther College leadership will work together on the pastoral staffing transition to ensure the purposeful work of College Ministries at Luther continues now and long into the future.

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