Luther College faculty named the “editor’s pick” 2018 Paper of the Year Award from the American Journal of Health Promotion

February 18, 2019

Luther College Professor of Psychology Loren Toussaint received the “editor’s pick” 2018 Paper of the Year Award from the American Journal of Health Promotion for his recent publication: “Forgiveness Working: Forgiveness, Health, and Productivity in the Workplace.”

The purpose of the award is to honor some of health promotion’s best scientists and especially to recognize those who bring outstanding humanity to their field of inquiry and bigheartedness to their writing. The recipients of this award are leaders in their field who address timely and vital issues relating to mental and emotional health and community and organizational influences on well-being and disease management, particularly in vulnerable populations.

Toussaint’s paper seeks to examine associations between forgiveness and health promotion in the workplace as mediating effects of workplace interpersonal stress. Following two studies of employees in Washington D.C. and Midwestern companies, he concluded that forgiveness may be an effective means of coping following being emotionally hurt on the job, that may promote good health, well-being and productivity.

Toussaint’s article was selected for its clear research methodologies, its appeal to its audience and its timely and unique contribution to health promotion literature. Editor in Chief of the American Journal of Health Promotion, Paul Terry, specifically commended Toussaint for “showing us how thoughtful study methods and mindful scientific writing can be intentionally aligned with compassionate advocacy for health and well-being for all.”

In addition to being a professor at Luther, Toussaint is a consultant to Mayo Clinic, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Boise State University and is the associate director of the Sierra Leone Forgiveness Project. Toussaint’s research examines virtues, especially forgiveness, and how they are related to health and well-being. He and his colleagues recently published a compendium of research titled: Forgiveness and Health: Scientific Evidence and Theories Relating Forgiveness to Better Health (Springer).

Toussaint directs the Laboratory for the Investigation of Mind, Body, and Spirit at Luther College. He encourages “everyday forgiveness” to build resilience and minimize stress in families, schools, healthcare, workplaces and communities.

Toussaint’s work has been highlighted in a number of print, online and radio media outlets such as: TIME, U.S. News, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Des Moines Register, Georgia Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Radio, CNN, Huffington Post,, Ladies Home Journal, Scotland on Sunday, Men’s Health, Psychology Today and the Associated Press.

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