How to Boost Your Resume in College

Resume building while you are in college is one of the keys to your future career success. In today’s competitive world, many employers expect students to bring valuable experience and skills to their company. Your college years are an ideal time to gain experience in the fields you are interested in, and you often can find those opportunities on and off campus.

Here are some ways to start building your resume:

Find a work-study or off-campus job. Getting a job is a good place to start. You can begin your research by finding out what work-study positions are available on your campus. Normally there are work-study positions available that suit your interests and can provide you with skills and experience. An off-campus job is another good option if on-campus work study isn’t an option or might be more ideal considering the career you want to pursue.

Join a campus organization or create a new one! Joining a student organization can enrich your resume since it shows your ability to work with a group of people that share common interests. It demonstrates to employers that you can balance your schoolwork with extracurricular activities. If organizations on campus do not fit your interests, you can start a new one. The first step is to research the procedures to start a new club or organization on campus. This experience can provide you with leadership expertise which is a transferable skill you can later apply in the workforce.

Find internship opportunities. Apply your knowledge and skills from the classroom to real-world experience through an internship. An internship enables you to experience a job on a professional level in your field of interest, apply your knowledge, and learn new skills that you can add to your resume.

Find service learning/volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in giving back to the community, try to find organizations that fit your interest and values and volunteer for them. Volunteering can provide you with a new set of skills and opportunities while allowing you to be more active in your community. With technology advancements, many organizations are now allowing people to volunteer remotely. If there isn’t an organization that interests you in the surrounding area, you should consider remote volunteering as an option.

E-learning. Nowadays you can take advantage of e-learning, and discover new skills and ideas that you are interested in at your own pace from the comfort of home. Many programs have been developed to help prepare you for your career. LinkedIn Learning with Lynda is one example of e-learning (some college campuses offer this for free). You can take advantage of these programs and take online courses or teach yourself new skills by watching tutorials. They are beneficial to help you grow as a professional and are a great addition to your resume!