Corine Carlson

Corine Carlson portrait
Associate Professor of Nursing
Rochester Coordinator


Education: M.S. University of Minnesota, M.S., Nursing, University of North Dakota; B.A., Nursing and Biology, Luther College

Corine Carlson is an associate professor in the nursing department.

N377 Family/Child Nursing
This course focuses on childbearing and childrearing families, with emphasis on culturally competent and developmentally appropriate nursing care to promote healthy infant/adolescent and family function. Concepts of family theory, family-centered care, family culture and health promotion are emphasized.
N378 Family/Child Clinical
This clinical course is meant to apply knowledge and skills learned in N377 with childbearing and childrearing families. Students will utilize clinical decision making skills, assessment and therapeutic communication.
  • M.S., Children with Special Health Care Needs, University of Minnesota Graduate School, 2012
  • M.S., Nursing, University of North Dakota, 1994
  • B.A., Nursing and Biology, Luther College, 1983
  • Children and families with special health needs
  • Development of moral reasoning in children
  • Development of critical thinking in nursing students