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Guest Presentation: Steve Demuth, "Digital Medicine: Why Doctors and Computer Scientists Increasingly Need Each Other"

  • Date: Thursday, November 9, 2017
  • Time: 7:30 pm
  • Location: F.W. Olin Building, Room 102

Information technology – built on advances in computer science, communications and data science - has in the last decade brought capabilities to medicine that are transforming the way health care is delivered.   From mobile interactive care plans empowering informed self-care in the home environment, to artificial intelligence that makes diagnosis and treatment decisions more closely tailored to individual circumstances, to advanced analysis in genomes that are making individualized medicine real in the clinic, computation and networking are at the core of medical innovation today.   I will discuss innovation and opportunity in medical informatics for computer and data science, and the paradox of how digital medicine is simultaneously personalizing care, while delivering more care through technology-driven, impersonal mechanisms.

Steve Demuth is Chief Technology Officer and head of the Office IT Strategy and Architecture at Mayo Clinic.  In this role he is responsible for Mayo’s overall information technology strategy and roadmap, and for enterprise and business architecture at Mayo.   He is currently one of three leads of Mayo’s Artificial Intelligence task force, and has lead development of Mayo’s architecture for clinical informatics innovation, enterprise platform strategy, and clinical knowledge management strategy.  He joined Mayo in 2014, coming from IBM, where he was most recently Chief Architect and Senior Technical Staff Member in Decision Management.  There, he led the WebSphere technology team in decision management, combining business rules, complex event processing, analytics and optimization.  He also has extensive experience working with many Fortune 50 companies in healthcare and financial services, and led efforts to develop new products for IBM combining cloud, rules, data, and analytics technology.  Formerly he was a product manager for the ILOG, Inc., was the leading business rules management product for the Global 2000.  He led integration of ILOG into IBM, and directed an R&D and development team of 150 in France, China and the U.S.  Steve has a B.S. in physics and mathematics.

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