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Writing your journal article in 12 weeks

  • Date: Friday, May 23, 2014
  • Time: 12:00 pm

This summer is an opportunity to gather with other faculty members who share the common goal of submitting a piece of written work for publication. Wendy Belcher’s book, Writing your journal article in 12 weeks:  A guide to academic publishing success, provides weekly strategies to revise for publication an existing piece of writing (such as a dissertation chapter, conference paper, or unpublished article or book chapter) and submit it to journals for publication. The intent here is to create working groups of faculty members who are committed to intentionally set aside time this summer to write and give feedback to their colleagues writing. 

Faculty members would use this book to gather weekly in small group(s) to:  a) complete the weekly activities and b) hold each other accountable to forward progress toward meeting personally set goals for the summer.  An initial gathering during the week of May 19th will help to identify interested faculty members, and divide into manageable small groups for the remainder of the summer.  Small groups will meet weekly and we will gather as a large group once mid-way through the summer. The Dean's Office will also host a celebration gathering at the end of the 12 weeks to share progress, or discuss challenges met along the way.

Facilitators: Kate Elliot (VPA) and Angela Kueny (Nursing)


Questions? Contact wilkerje, oldenban, ellika03