Group Sack Lunch Meals

Dining Services offers to exchange food costs when a student who has a board plan is involved in a group carry-out.

**NOTE** All orders must be placed 3 business days prior to order pick-up. NO EXCEPTIONS. Order must be be picked up during business hours - 7am-7:30pm. When arriving, do NOT enter the kitchen. Have the Caf cashier call the kitchen OR call 563-387-1063 and staff will bring the order out to you. **NOTE**

Choices of eligible meal options are listed below. The whole group must be on the same meal option and the request must be submitted seven working days in advance of the event with an estimate on quantities and the meals that will be missed. With all requests of group carry outs we require a department account number (Datatel 15-digit or CBORD) be submitted by the group organizer. In the event that there are meals provided that are unaccounted for this account number may be used to cover the extra expense.

After a request has been submitted the Dining Services Office will be in contact with a link for participating students to fill out giving consent for their meal swipe to be used and to finalize their lunch option. This form will be shut off 48 business hours prior to meal pick up. Please consider office hours when planning your timeframe (i.e., we would need final information by Friday noon for a Tuesday carry-out; by Tuesday for a Thursday carry-out).

The names given will be blocked out in the cafeteria system so the list must be accurate and complete. If there is a question or dispute, the event coordinator may be billed for excessive food prepared or wasted. If someone has been blocked and they eat in the cafeteria during the missed meal, that student's account will be billed. A carry-out for the last meal served before a break is limited to one sack lunch per individual only.

Questions, call x1030 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or email [email protected]

If the meal options below are not what your group is looking for, please contact Catering at [email protected] to place a custom order.

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A Group Sack Lunch means all sandwiches are made but meals are not individually separated like the Individual Brown Bag Sack Lunch. They will be all packaged together.
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