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Major decision

Rob Larson, vice president for Communications and Marketing, tells readers about a recent conversation he had with his son concerning college majors and whether or not he and his wife would ever be "empty-nesters."

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Teaching is believing

Sheila Radford-Hill, executive director of Luther's Diversity Center, blogs about teaching, learning and believing, and shares a touching story of how her teaching pedagogy came full circle through the memory of a former student.

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Tiny joys of a botanist

Beth Lynch, Luther associate professor of biology, examines one of the autumn "tiny joys" she finds in nature, and asks readers to "play science" with her to find out why we can find flowers in November.

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What good is a Ph.D. for reading the Bible?

Guy Nave, associate professor of religion, reminds readers that while they do not need a Ph.D. to read the Bible, there are benefits from the academic study of the Bible. He says one important benefit is recognizing there is not only one way to think about the divine.

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Robert Vrtis



Robert Vrtis, assistant professor of theatre at Luther, implores readers to find courage and embrace risk, and ignore the whispering voice of fear that murmurs, "sit down," "don't ask," "blend in."

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Lea Donhowe Lovelace

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Empowering pre-service teachers in the era of iPad and Pinterest

Lea Donhowe Lovelace, visiting faculty in art at Luther College, discusses the importance of helping students recognize the practice of meaningful art integration and how a conference she attended with three Luther students energized her, her students, and created a ripple effect, empowering art educators across the state of Iowa and beyond.

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Hate or hope?

Todd Green, Luther assistant professor of religion, recounts his experiences with Islamophobia. He wrestles with the question, "Is hope stronger than hate?", and encourages us to find the courage to challenge Islamophobic bigotry.

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