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Gereon Kopf

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On being uncomfortable

Discussing being uncomfortable, Gereon Kopf, Luther professor of religion, finds that maybe being comfortable isn't all it's cracked up to be. Do we really want everyone to agree with us?

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Kate Elliot

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Geeking out

What do professors do all day? Why, geek out of course! Let Kate Elliott, Luther assistant professor of art history, explain why "geeking out" is a good thing.

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Kent Lee, Luther College professor of computer science


Coding Bootcamp

Kent Lee, professor of computer science at Luther, talks in code. When you've taught web programming for almost 10 years, it's bound to happen. Coding Bootcamp discusses how Luther computer science courses help our graduates stay relevant in a changing tech world.

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Rob Shedinger


Dogmatic Darwinism

Can intelligent design theory be considered a valid scientific alternative to Darwinian evolution? Can evolutionary questions be answered by naturalistic science alone, or do religion and philosophy still have a valid stake? Read on as Bob Shedinger, Luther associate professor of religion, explores the possibilities in Dogmatic Darwinism.

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Guy Nave Headshot


Ferguson: A question of excessive force

Guy Nave, Luther professor of religion, asks the hard questions regarding the Nov. 24 Ferguson shooting announcement. When is "by any means necessary" appropriate? Is it ever? What exactly qualifies as "excessive force"? How do these questions relate to being a professor at a liberal arts college?

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Sheila Radford-Hill Headshot

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What I've learned in my career

After a little self-reflection, Sheila Radford-Hill, executive director of Luther's Diversity Center, asks us to ask ourselves "what have we learned?" and gives three insights for a successful career in higher education.

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