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Practicing inclusive pedagogy

Sheila Radford-Hill, executive director of the Diversity Center, talks about the importance of validating students for who they are, which "invites them to think through the complexities and contradictions inherent in a complex understanding of the world."

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What do our beliefs say about us?

Guy Nave, Luther College associate professor of religion, highlights the socially constructed nature of beliefs and belief systems, and how they say far more about us than they do about the "gods" we claim to accept or reject.

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Robert Vrtis



Robert Vrtis, Luther assistant professor of theatre, paints a picture with words, or more specifically a voice-his 18-month-old daughter's voice. He takes a look at why we don't "feel out loud" and whether or not that's good.

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Brad Miller

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Why MOOCs? Why not?

Brad Miller, associate professor of computer science, asks the question, "What is the role of online education at Luther College?" and discusses the pros and cons of MOOCs.

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