Ideas and Creations

Michael O'Brien

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Arab classical music and sublime emotion

Michael O'Brien, ACM-Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Ethnomusicology at Luther, comments on the significance of upcoming Center Stage Series artist Simon Shaheen's use of improvisation and the contribution his work makes toward a cross border genre.

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Steve Holland

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Talking about inequality

Steve Holland, Luther associate professor of economics, asks readers to consider discussing inequality with some simple rules laid out by none other than a group of Luther first-year students.

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Robert Vrtis

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Buy an egg timer

Robert Vrtis, assistant professor of theatre at Luther, talks about the best advice he received in class and how a simple purchase can change the way we think and write.

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Tabita Green

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Experiencing Islam (and a few other things)

Tabita Green, Luther director of web content, describes a field trip with husband Todd Green's J-term class to visit the Masjid An-Nur Mosque and the Council on American–Islamic Relations in Minneapolis. It was even more experiential than she (and Todd) imagined.

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Amy Weldon


Recreating yourself

Amy Weldon, Luther associate professor of English, talks about the benefits of self-assessment and knowing the difference between time management, energy management and self-management.

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Lauren Kientz Anderson


'It's easier to indulge privilege than to resist oppression'

Lauren Kientz Anderson, Luther visiting assistant professor of Africana studies and history, reflects on the Jan. 20 reading of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Letter from Birmingham Jail." She talks about why it's easier to indulge privilege than to resist oppression, and why we need to know the difference between non-violent and passive resistance.

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