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Ideas and Creations

  • Aaron Lurth

    2013 in photos

    December 27, 2013

    Aaron Lurth, director of visual media, takes a look back at the past year through a photo journey, "2013 in photos."  Read more...

  • Brooke Joyce Headshot

    'Ad te levavi'

    December 20, 2013

    Brooke Joyce, associate professor of music and composer-in-residence at Luther College, wishes you a safe and joyous holiday season and shares a short organ meditation on a chant based on "Ad te levavi."  Read more...

  • Gereon Kopf Headshot

    What to do about disagreement?

    December 20, 2013

    Gereon Kopf, Luther College professor of religion, challenges the community to think critically about disagreement and what readers can do to open themselves to a different point of view.  Read more...

  • Phillip Freeman Headshot

    Leadership Lessons from Cicero

    December 10, 2013

    Philip Freeman, Luther professor of classics, discusses how Cicero was able to see through the follies of political stubbornness during Caesar's reign by making an interesting and thought-provoking argument relating Cicero's writings to the present day political world.  Read more...

  • Bob Shedinger Headshot

    Handel's irony

    December 5, 2013

    Robert Shedinger, Luther associate professor of religion, contemplates the irony of Handel's "Messiah." For Isaiah, Cyrus is the Lord's Messiah, not Jesus! Does the 2,000-year-old interpretive tradition that reduces Isaiah to nothing more than a prophetic predictor of the coming of Jesus erase the far more prophetic message standing at the heart of Isaiah's proclamation?  Read more...

  • Britt Rhodes

    Professional preparation and the liberal arts

    December 3, 2013

    Britt Rhodes, Luther associate professor of social work, talks about her courses where knowing the answers comes secondary to being able to grapple with the tough questions, and knowing that our students' eventual answers will have real bearing on people's lives.  Read more...

  • Kate Elliott

    Teaching during 'Christmas at Luther'

    December 3, 2013

    Kate Elliot, Luther assistant professor of art history, discusses the relationship between studies and extracurricular activities during "Christmas at Luther" week, as well as the understanding that these activities are actively developing some of the "soft" skills that students so desperately need in the workforce.  Read more...

  • Jennaya Robison Headshot

    Inspired by the journey

    November 21, 2013

    Jennaya Robison, Luther assistant professor of music, searches for the perfect piece to start the school year: not too difficult, not too easy... a piece to inspire.  Read more...

  • Rob Larson Headshot

    Major decision

    November 21, 2013

    Rob Larson, vice president for Communications and Marketing, tells readers about a recent conversation he had with his son concerning college majors and whether or not he and his wife would ever be "empty-nesters."  Read more...

  • Sheila Radford-Hill Headshot

    Teaching is believing

    November 20, 2013

    Sheila Radford-Hill, executive director of Luther's Diversity Center, blogs about teaching, learning and believing, and shares a touching story of how her teaching pedagogy came full circle through the memory of a former student.  Read more...