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David Tiede, Luther College interim president

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Luther College is our name.

David Tiede, Luther interim president, talks about what being a college "of the church" means for those of us who work and attend the college, as well as those of you looking to attend Luther and the greater community.

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Kate Elliot

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On the cold, and why we deal

Kate Elliott, Luther assistant professor of art history, reflects on the cold, asking the tough questions like: Why are we here? Why don't we just move somewhere warmer, somewhere greener, somewhere with fewer extremes of weather?

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Headshot of Rachel Miessler


My Ethnic Arts experience

Recent Luther graduate Rachel Miessler reminisces on what the Ethnic Arts Festival means to her and why we should take a little time to come to campus and explore the world in a day on Saturday, March 1.

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Andrew Last


Meeting Martin

Andrew Last, Luther assistant professor of music, recounts meeting Martin, a young Namibian child, who helped Last bridge their cultural and language gap though music.

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Rob Shedinger


Resisting the Medicalization of Mental Illness

Robert Shedinger, Luther associate professor of religion, asks the questions, if mental illness is the result of chemical imbalance, why are incidences increasing despite drug treatment? Could loss of a deep spiritual connection be the cause of the epidemic of anxiety and depression?

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Robert Vrtis

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'Fahrenheit 451'

Robert Vrtis, assistant professor of theatre at Luther, comments on the upcoming Center Stage Series performance of 'Fahrenheit 451,' while discussing the importance of allowing Ray Bradbury's works to continue to challenge human nature. 

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Michael O'Brien

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Arab classical music and sublime emotion

Michael O'Brien, ACM-Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Ethnomusicology at Luther, comments on the significance of upcoming Center Stage Series artist Simon Shaheen's use of improvisation and the contribution his work makes toward a cross border genre.

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