‘Radically Open: Transcending Religious Identity in an Age of Anxiety’: Associate Professor Shedinger to present Luther College Religion Forum lecture April 16

Robert Shedinger, associate professor of religion, will present a Luther College Religion Forum Lecture at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 16 in Room 102 of the Franklin W. Olin building on the Luther campus.

His lecture, titled "Radically Open: Transcending Religious Identity in an Age of Anxiety," is open to the public with no charge for admission.

Based on his book of the same title, Shedinger will discuss how modern American society serves to foster the anxiety epidemic and how it prohibits anxiety sufferers' access to the spiritual resources they desperately need. Shedinger's book argues that exclusive claims to religious identity help to foster the anxiety epidemic while submitting oneself to the greater wisdom of the cosmic story holds the key to resolving anxiety.

Talking from experience, he will discuss his personal journey through the darkness of anxiety with the help of the psychology of Carl Jung. Shedinger suggests that Islamic tradition may provide one of the best models for how to overcome the problem of anxiety and creating a more just and sustainable world.

Shedinger holds a master's degree from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a doctoral degree in religious studies from Temple University.  

Since the publication of his book in 2009, "Was Jesus a Muslim? Questioning Categories in the Study of Religion," he has been a regular speaker in mosques and Islamic centers across the United States.

Robert Shedinger will present a religion forum lecture April 16.