• Photo of Neuschwanstein Castle from a German J-Term trip.


    Castle Neuschwanstein - A destination for students studying abroad with the Münster Program

  • Students on a German J-Term trip.


    2012 Münster Program on the Munich Fernsehturm



German is one of five language majors at Luther. The MLLL Department also offers majors in French, Spanish, Nordic studies, and Russian studies. Greek, Latin, and classics majors are offered by the Classics Department. Introductory courses in Italian and Mandarin Chinese are also taught regularly.

Seven courses form the core of the German major. Depending on previous language experience, students seeking a major are required to complete two semesters of intermediate German, one course in conversation and composition, and three in German literary history. The remaining courses involve electives and work in the literature of Germany.

Perhaps the most unusual course is German Play. Students develop a concept, write an entire play, and perform their completed work onstage at semester’s end. All language students are invited to attend the performance.

The goal of the course sequence is to equip Luther students with the language skills necessary to understand and appreciate the culture and literature of the Germanic people. Each German major is also prepared to use the language in a variety of professions or in graduate school.