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Class of 2005 Spring Letter

Spring 2012

Dear Classmates,

It was recently announced that President Torgerson will end his tenure in the summer of 2013, after 14 years as president of Luther.  President Torgerson has made many great contributions to the Luther community during his tenure.  With his leadership, Luther College is recognized as one of the country’s top 100 liberal arts colleges.  We have seen three new facilities on campus, along with many renovations and additions.  His funding initiatives have added more than $55 million to the college’s endowment.  One of President Torgerson’s pride-and-joy achievements was his leadership role in environmental sustainability for college campuses.  These are just some of his many accomplishments to the Luther community.  His replacement has yet to be named, but he has prepared the college well for this transition.  He will truly be missed.

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