Class of 1978 Spring 2014 Letter

Spring 2014 Greetings to the Class of ’78,

As I (Barbara) write this, there is an abundance of snow and ice on the ground. Do you remember your first winter in Decorah? Like many others, I had an 8:00 a.m. bio lecture in Valders 117, and to this day, I have a visceral recall of trudging across the library lawn…making my way, heading down against the wind, from Brandt to class. As a freshman, I didn’t have a car on campus, so a trip “downtown” was something of an epic journey when the snow fell and the winds howled! That winter, I travelled with the ski club to Lutsen Mountain near Duluth, but one certainly did not have to go off campus for thrills in the snow. How many of you grabbed a tray from the caf for a quick slide down the hill? Things are different, nowadays, on campus. Would you believe that the rec services office lends camping gear, marshmallow sticks, and even snowshoes to students?! I credit my years at Luther College for honing my skills in winter driving. You, too, probably recall some white-knuckle experiences driving to and from Decorah in the winter!

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