Class of 1968 Spring 2015 Letter

Spring 2015

Greetings, Class of ’68,

What a winter most of the country has been having!  We felt a couple of tinges of guilt last year as we enjoyed the sunshine and warmth of Arizona, while the north was struggling through a never-ending winter of cold and snow.  This year doesn’t seem to be any better!  Meanwhile, we have been blessed by a warmer than normal winter here in Arizona, and the north has been fighting through another winter not to be envied.  My neighbor, who watches our house for us while we are in Arizona, calls me regularly to tell me how bad it is and how much I am going to owe him for the shoveling and house checking for us while we are playing hookey in the Valley of the Sun.  We regularly remind ourselves of how blessed we are to be able to enjoy this winter emigration from real winter.

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