Dave Rovang

Class of 1966 Fall 2014 Letter

Fall 2014

Hi again, '66er,

"What goes around, comes around," as they say. Only this time for us, it's our frosh granddaughter. My wife, Karen, was a frosh in 1964. Now, 50 years later, she helped our granddaughter move into her dorm room…in Brandt West...on the same floor...two doors down from Karen’s first room! The major differences are there are only two to a room instead of three. The women's floor is sandwiched between men on the floor below and above. You don't have to be friends with someone on the ground floor in order to have a way in through their window after hours. Finally, for security reasons you need a student ID with a magnetic strip to get into any outside dorm door at any time. These are all good changes I suppose, but the "hours" thing was kind of fun to work around, and planning a raid into the women's dorm wasn't as complicated.

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