Class of 1966 Spring 2014 Letter

Spring 2014

Hi '66er,

This year's Christmas at Luther concert was as enjoyable as ever.  I'm always impressed with the number of students involved in that production. I don't know the exact number participating, but there is a men's choir, two women's choirs, and at least three mixed-gender choirs.  The orchestra itself is large for a college Luther's size. When they all perform at once, it is a powerful experience.  If a student wants to be involved in the music program at Luther, there appears to be a place for them.  The variety of music was also impressive.  Besides classical choral anthems, French, Spanish, and African Christmas music was performed.  As you might remember, sports, pool-playing, cards, socializing, and general goofing-off were my specialties, but I did (and still do) enjoy an inspiring musical performance. 

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