Luther's 2013 Homecoming parade

Class of 1957 Fall Letter

Fall 2013

Homecoming and reunions started a little early for me this year.  The Decorah High School class of 1953 held its 60th reunion the last weekend in September. I'm guessing a lot of you held the same kind of reunions this year. Because a lot of my high school classmates came to Luther, I was able to connect with some of you at that time. RONALD and MARILYN LOKENSGARD MARTINSON stayed with me for most of a week. They also attended Marilyn's Marshalltown reunion the week before ours, and were able to have a good visit with BARBARA ROCKHILL KOESTER while there. Other members of the class of '57 were MAROLYN SERSLAND BOSTROM, CARYL PETERSON CHORNOW, RICHARD DRESSELHAUS, RANDEEN MORK ELLEFSON, and MARLYS WILKENS LIEN, who was a very important part of the planning committee. I'll be honest, I did not make any notes to share with you from the conversations we had.  We will probably get together again in two years to celebrate a bunch of 80th birthdays. Why wait five years?

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