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  • Helene Furst

    Spring 2010 Class Agent Letter

    April 8, 2010


    Dear Luther College Classmates of 1948,

    As you learned from the fall newsletter, I am now co-agent for the class with Alice Collings.  I didn't receive much news, so, as I threatened to those to whom I sent emails, you will have to read about me instead!  Please, if you have an email address, I would like to hear from you.  Note that my address has changed to  I have lived in Arkansas since 1966 following five-year residences in Michigan, Idaho, and Ohio.  My husband was a professor in education at these universities and passed away three years ago.

    Previous to our marriage, I was a public school librarian and then reference librarian and instructor at Luther for one year.  I have three children, nine grandchildren, and four great-grandsons.  Unfortunately for me, none of them live anywhere near me.  I use email, Facebook, and telephone a lot and travel about in the summer.  Last July I met one of my granddaughters in Norway (my fifth visit there) for a wonderful experience.  Read more...