Several members of the Class of 1943, Homecoming 2013

Class of 1943 Fall Letter

Fall 2013

Dear Classmates,

The Class of ’43 sailed past the 70th anniversary with still a few of us able to be present for Luther’s Homecoming.  A few more sent greetings.  Present, still upright, and operating on our own were Lloyd (Skip) Herwig, Dorothy McMillan, Paul (Cyclone) Schroeder, and David Preus.  Almost present (he arrived at the Decorah hospital on Homecoming Sunday) was Weston Noble.  Weston had flown in from Seoul, Korea, where he had spent five weeks recovering from a fall-induced fracture of his pelvis.  Imagine – he was on another conducting gig for one of his former Luther students who is a music teacher in Seoul.  We are all delighted, Weston, that you are back in Decorah and hope you will soon be 100 percent.  We look forward to your presence at the 75th.

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