2014 Homecoming

Class of 1943 Fall 2014 Letter

Fall 2014

Dear Classmates,

Ann and I had planned to attend Homecoming but wound up tending our wounds instead. Nothing more serious than a broken rib for Ann and a sprained knee for me, but we were hobbled. We received reports from several who attended and they uniformly raved about the weather, the stunning beauty of the campus, and the caliber of the entire Homecoming program. Apparently the only downer was a walloping from the Central football team. Weston managed to represent us at some of the events. He brushes past bone breaks and heart attacks and even manages some conducting. Well done, Weston! We were able to attend an LC "Meet the President" event in Minneapolis on November 7. President Carlson gave an excellent speech and charmed us all with her pleasant demeanor and folksy visiting.

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